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  1. #p3brews

    All Grain Brew Issues

    Last week I brewed my first all grain batch. 40 lbs of grain mostly 2 row. I had 30 gallons of water and ended up with 15 gal in fermentors. There are 2 things i need to know. 1. What is this protein looking glub that formed in my wort and how do i avoid? 2. How can i be more efficient and...
  2. giannie

    Cyberpunk beer?

    Basically I'm a student in a Fermentation Sciences course and as a final project we need to write up a recipe for some fermented product. I chose beer, and I want to make it cyberpunk or science themed, so I'd like to see if y'all have any ideas to spare. My ideas so far: - IPA: I like them -...