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  1. S

    Sold Homebrew equipment for sale in Japan

    I live in Fukuoka, Japan, and am looking sell off all the homebrew equipment and resources that I've acquired over the years. I have a lot of high quality stuff, perfect for an aspiring homebrewer/brewmaster who lives in Japan and wants to create high quality homebrew right away. I've attached...
  2. Auz66

    Brewing in Okinawa

    Good day, Just found out that I am headed to Okinawa for the next few years. I am debating bringing my brewing stuff along but not sure if this is a good idea. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  3. SuperflyCookiePuss

    Craft Beer Osaka

    I have noticed there's not a lot on Asia's craft beers here. Right now I'm in Asia and I'm checking out the craft breweries as part of my travels, so I thought I would start posting links to what I find for those who are interested. Here is the first from Osaka, Japan...
  4. D

    Japan - Corny Kegs for sale

    I have a bunch of 19L stainless steel Corny kegs with ball lock valves for sale. All are in excellent condition. Used but well looked after and very clean. I can sell and courier to anywhere in Japan for 10,000 yen per keg.