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  1. J

    Chocolate Blueberry JAOM Variant

    So I’ve been considering a couple different ideas for JAOM; chocolate orange spice mead and blueberry chocolate mead. Blueberry: -3.5 pounds wildflower honey -1 pound organic blueberries (frozen then crushed in cheesecloth) -1 oz cocoa nibs (present for secondary) Orange: -3.5 pounds clover...
  2. J

    JAOM adopted to other fruits? Blackberry Vanilla Mead.

    I’ve made Joe’s Ancient Orange Mead recipe several times and I’m a huge fan of how simple it is. I’ve dressed it up just a bit (prestarting the yeast and using yeast nutrient in place of the raisins) but after three gallons of orange spice over the last six months I gotta say I’m a little sick...
  3. M

    Are the Aesir stealing my mead?

    Could there truly be an "Angel's Share" with mead like the aging of bourbon? Probably not, but I hope you can help me figure this out. I started a JAOM recipe two days ago. Here are my ingredients. - 2lbs. Goldenrod Honey - .75lbs. Wildflower Honey - 1 Orange, cut into 1/8th, with rind on...
  4. T

    Growler for JAOM

    So I'm putting together half gallon JAOM kits for the four guys in my family. I could do full gallon, but most are only moderately interested, and I think the growler makes for a cool presentation. Anyone see any issues? There's no carbonation so the force shouldn't be enough to explode it...