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  1. Whisky River

    Wanted Brewers Hardware Jacketed Conical Fermenter

    Kind of a long shot, but I’m looking for a Brewers Hardware jacketed conical fermenter in either the 8 gallon or 15 gallon size. If anyone has one they don't use anymore or is looking to move up to a larger size, please let me know. I travel a lot and can do local pick up in lots of different...
  2. TBC_Brewster

    SS Brewtech 1BBL Jacketed Unitank Clarity Issues

    So I've upgraded my entire system from 10 gal to 1bbl. I used to cold crash in carboys that would sit in my freezer for a week and come out perfect. With my new tanks, I am unable to do it in roughly/same amount of time. I have even transferred after fermenting (yes I know the irony) just to...
  3. jordanpace

    Two 15 Gallon Glycol Jacked Fermentors - Near Dallas, TX

    I am selling two fermentors. Both are jacketed 15 gallon capacity glycol fermentors. First fermentor is from Brewers Hardware. https://www.brewershardware.com/15-Gallon-Stainless-Steel-Glycol-Jacketed-Conical-Fermentor-CONICAL15G-FJ.html It was purchased in 2017, and has been maintained...