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  1. J

    Fermentation Pressure Monitors, what are they good for?

    I'm trying to understand my picoFerms... so far I only get two pieces of information from them: Is the yeast too warm or too cool? There is 'some pressure', so fermentation has started. I'd be curious what others can read from a picoFerm chart? Is there a way to guesstimate Specific Gravity...
  2. potseeslc

    Ep - 8 The Internet of Things Brewery with Philip Levin

    https://homebrewingdiy.beer/index.php/2019/10/16/episode-8-the-internet-of-things-brewery-with-philip-levin/ On this show we have dealt with a bunch of individual tech projects, but on today’s show, we are going to talk to Philip Levin all the way from Haifa Israel. Philip talks to me today...
  3. potseeslc

    Ep4 - The iSpindel - Build your own floating hydrometer

    The iSpindel is an amazing DIY floating hydrometer and right now it is easier than ever to make your own. With a small list of parts, some light soldering, and a little elbow grease you could build your own device that can tell you your gravity in near realtime. Dave talked about the history of...
  4. E

    Utah extra iSpindel

    I made a few iSpindels for me and some friends but have one extra I don't need. I'm happy to sell it for the cost of parts & shipping ($40 + ~$5 for shipping) - not trying to profit, just getting rid of an extra. PM me if you're interested. I used quality parts including a genuine Samsung li-on...
  5. T

    Fermentrack: Fermentation monitoring & BrewPi-www Replacement for Raspberry Pi

    I am proud to announce the release of Fermentrack - a web interface for fermentation monitoring and control. Fermentrack is a free, open source replacement web interface for BrewPi and enables the control of one or multiple BrewPi fermentation temperature controllers from a single web portal...