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  1. C

    Isinglass in non-pressurized Fermentasaurus

    Hi folks, First time posting here. I brew canned beer kits in a non pressurized Fermentasaurus at around 21-22 degrees C. I bought a little pouch of Isinglass for my next brew to make the beer more clear. I normally leave my brew in the tank for 14 days emptying the collection bottle on day 7...
  2. DaveyP

    Fining Fining

    Hey All, I'm likely going to add isinglass to my brew, but as I'm about to rack to the secondary carboy I was wondering if it's ok to add the agent while doing a dry hop? Will the agent reduce the flavors from the dry hop? Should I dry hop first, then add the isinglass? How many days should I...
  3. thelusiv

    Isinglass in chilled secondary

    [This started as a reply to this thread but I decided to make a new thread. However the last post in that thread was where I found the procedure for using the isinglass I got.] The above information is quite helpful. But I have a few questions. First here's what I did already (note: all...