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  1. benoj

    Irish Moss Krausen - Normal or something up?

    Hi, I brewed an Amber ale on Friday and everything seemed to go okay - in-fact I finally remembered to add some Irish moss that I have had and neglected on my last 5-6 batches (used it 1 time previously). After I cooled with my IC i noticed that there was some precipitate in the wort and...
  2. frankvw

    Irish moss and trub settling

    Irish moss and Wirlflock are known for removing unwanted proteins from the wort, by clumping them together so they can settle down to the bottom of the kettle more easily, resulting in a cleaner wort going into the fermenter and improved beer quality. However, I have noted that while Irish Moss...
  3. Lucille's Daddy

    Irish Moss

    So, it seems that Irish Moss is derived from the seaweed Chondrus crispus. It just so happens that I've got quite a bit of Gracilaria growing on my oyster farm. They're both sometimes known as Irish Moss, but the first of the two is known to be used for home brewing. They're both...
  4. aleiexjr

    Is it possible to homegrow Irish moss? also, how to identify my Hops?

    Hello there, I've got a couple of questions here: 1) Recently a friend of mine gave me a few hop seeds, I'm planning on planting them and using them for my homebrew recipes, however he doesn't know what kind of hops this are, is there some way to identify my hops once they've grown? I'd...