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  1. piojo

    DIY iodophor (povidone iodine)

    Ordering liquids annoys me, since I always have to pay for shipping. I realized iodophor is sold as a powder, so I decided to make my own. This only makes sense if you want to make several gallons, or if you can get the powder in small quantity. Note that this is not the same as BTF Iodophor or...
  2. piojo

    Adding surfactant to sanitizer

    So I made my own iodophor*, and was wondering if this sanitizer (and all others) need a surfactant. When you shake up some sanitizer in your carboy or bottling bucket, it would be ideal if it coats the surface and keeps it wet. This is why Star San makes foam and teat dip (bulk iodophor for...
  3. piojo

    Why do brewing iodophors have a different composition than medical iodophors?

    Medical iodophors like Betadine (and teat dip for cows) are made up of iodine complexed with povidone (often written PVP). That formulation is extremely popular. But: BTF iodophor is complexed with butoxy polypropoxy polyethoxy ethanol. IO-Star is complexed with butoxy polypropoxy polyethoxy...
  4. DrumForHire

    Iodophor and BrewJacket

    Well, my BrewJacket just arrived today, and I'm excited to get my next brew going! Now, I know I have to use a method other than Star-San to sanitize the immersion rod. I was originally thinking of just boiling the rod with the wort, but I'm now thinking that it might just be too unwieldy of a...
  5. Pan_Kotsky

    Prepare your stones o' you gentiles! (or my experience with hydrogen peroxide)

    A while ago I came across a spectacular video where two gentlemen discussed the problem of home brew equipment disinfection. After watching hundreds and thousands of uniform youtube videos on the equipment sanitation, I found their material to be quite authentic. The gentlemen turned out to be...
  6. C

    Oh S&%# - 1 gal of iodophor solution in the fermenter!

    Okay, as embarrassing as it is to admit... (it was late, so...) When preparing to drain the wort from my last batch into the fermenter: I shook the 1 gallon of 15ppm iodophor solution around in my carboy, then set it on the floor in my kitchen. I thought, hmmmm... you should just dump that...