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  1. sven.vandevenne

    New member from Belgium

    Surprise surprise, a beer lover from Belgium 🙃 Hi all, my name is Sven and I live in Ghent, arguably one of the most hipster cities in our country. So making all sorts of funky stuff is in the requirements to live here :p Most of my passions in life circle around food and drinks, mainly tea...
  2. Rett03

    I’m here.

    My name is Everett. I love making my own stuff. I have already brewed maple wine to great success and am working on a couple other projects. I recently got into home brewing this year and love it so far! I’m thankful forums like this website exist because they have been of great help to me.
  3. Greg Drake

    Trying to get back into home brewing

    Hello everyone from State College, PA! I look forward to learning from the community. While I have brewed several beers over the years, it's been at least 2 since my last. Recently, I decided to try making some hard cider and plan on trying various Welch's juices for wine. As I get back into...
  4. GlutenFreeCart

    Hello Everyone!!

    I am excited to join this Homebrewtalk forum and become a part of this community and I am looking forward to learning and sharing my knowledge with all of you. I have been a part of several online communities before, and I believe that forums like this are a great way to connect with people who...
  5. Brettgvdp

    Hello from Norway!

    Hello from Norway. I joined this forum since I am new to brewing. It's nice to know there are people with experience who are willing to share their knowledge. Where are you all from and what made you interested in brewing?
  6. The Barking Dog

    New to HomebrewTalk from Houston, TX

    Howdy y'all, Been homebrewing since Easter of 2019. I am a part of the Bay Area Mashtronauts local homebrew club. My system consists of a BIAB keggle bottom drain, Grounded Brewtech panel, and 2 counterflow chillers tubed in series. My fermentation chamber is just an old top/bottom...
  7. L

    Greetings from Saskatchewan, Canada!

    Hello Everyone! I did my first batch of beer 5 years ago and have been completely hooked ever since. I started doing 1 gallon extract batches(2-3), quickly moved to 3 gallon all grain batches, and in the past two years I have moved to a 15gal 3 vessel eHERMS. My absolute favorite part of home...
  8. M


    Hi, I'm justin from Washington State. I've been brewing for 10+ years. Over that time I've made 80ish batches, been president of two homebrew clubs and most recently, started a beer blog. It's . It's all about continuing and updating the work of Ray Daniels book Designing...
  9. schoberli

    Hello from Switzerland

    Hello community, This is Mikka from Switzerland. I found pleasure in homebrewing during lockdown time and I'm looking forward to discussions, tips and new beer trends in this amazing forum. My beer styles and ideas: I love NEIPA, sour beer and herbal beer. Definitely no fan of German...
  10. ShadesManna

    From the Forest

    Hello from one of the many forests of New Jersey! We still have nice, untamed patches of wilderness, if you look hard enough, and know where to look. One of the reasons I started making wine was because I was tired of store-bought wine. There are red, white, blush, and sparkling wines. That's...
  11. D

    Greetings from my basement in CT

    Hello all! I was refreshing my memory on keg weight with a quick Google search and found this place! It looks pretty fun and informative. I got back into brewing about a year ago, typically travel for a living so haven't gotten too many batches out. Now I have plenty of time and not enough...
  12. E

    Junior Home brewer

    Hi all! I am a 32 years old canadian living in Switzerland where we have nice four seasons. After having lived next from several artisanal breweries that has sadly closed with time, I am starting my first home brewery. Most of european kits available on the market aren't really good for...
  13. J

    Greetings from Maryland, USA (A very happy first brew)

    Hello! I want to thank this entire forum first and foremost, as I have referenced many threads for information during my first brew. Brew day and bottle day were both a breeze thanks to all the info available here whenever I ran to Google for help. I'm an engineering student in Uni, bit on the...
  14. P


    My name's Pete, I'm based out of Massachusetts and I've been a long time observer. I'm primarily a wine maker and you'll probably see me hiding there most often. I tried making beer a few years ago with lackluster results. Now that I have a bunch of grape and country wines under by belt I...
  15. Angus MacDonald

    Hey folkies

    Hey folks, Figured I'd introduce myself and whatnot. I'm from Inverness in Scotland and I'm currently drinking my way through an English Bitter, which was my first brew. Currently have 12L of cider fermenting and I'm waiting on another fermenting bucket to arrive so that I can either brew a...
  16. major.noms

    Greetings from Nashville!

    Greeting! Homebrewer from Nashville, with about 4 years under his belt now (my first post here was embarrassingly about cold crashing. When I wrote that, I had no idea what that was though). Looking forward to chatting and getting some great info out and receiving it as well!
  17. T

    Hello from Utah

    Hello, I am brand new to brewing, my wife got me a kit for Christmas and my birthday and I have loved doing it, although I feel like I have no idea what I am doing. I am very lucky in that I have a local homebrew supply store less than five minutes away, here in Ogden, UT. My first brew was...
  18. thisissami

    Hello from Vancouver, Canada :)

    I used to brew beer 7-8 years ago in university. :) Now I'm back into making my own alcohol, but this time in the form of cider!! I just started my first batch of cider ever last night, and am going to explore all kinds of fruit ciders/wines in the coming while. :D I also do believe I screwed...
  19. Conner


    Hey all, I'm new to home brewing. I have brewed a porter and currently waiting on a brown ale to finish. I love it so far! I have made wine at home for years and just racked my way over to the beer side (see what I did there?). I was never a fan of beers until recently. Matter of fact, I...
  20. Q

    Returning to Brewing/Beginning AG

    Hello, I'm returning to the homebrewing hobby after being away from it for about eight years. I brewed up 5 gallons of IPA from an extract kit a couple of weeks ago, and it should be ready to bottle real soon now. I want to move into all grain brewing, and should be ready for my first batch...