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  1. ShadesManna

    From the Forest

    Hello from one of the many forests of New Jersey! We still have nice, untamed patches of wilderness, if you look hard enough, and know where to look. One of the reasons I started making wine was because I was tired of store-bought wine. There are red, white, blush, and sparkling wines. That's...
  2. P


    My name's Pete, I'm based out of Massachusetts and I've been a long time observer. I'm primarily a wine maker and you'll probably see me hiding there most often. I tried making beer a few years ago with lackluster results. Now that I have a bunch of grape and country wines under by belt I...
  3. Angus MacDonald

    Hey folkies

    Hey folks, Figured I'd introduce myself and whatnot. I'm from Inverness in Scotland and I'm currently drinking my way through an English Bitter, which was my first brew. Currently have 12L of cider fermenting and I'm waiting on another fermenting bucket to arrive so that I can either brew a...
  4. major.noms

    Greetings from Nashville!

    Greeting! Homebrewer from Nashville, with about 4 years under his belt now (my first post here was embarrassingly about cold crashing. When I wrote that, I had no idea what that was though). Looking forward to chatting and getting some great info out and receiving it as well!