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  1. C

    Help with wiring replacing minifridge thermostat with Inkbird ITC-1000

    I have browsed other threads regarding the ITC-1000 but they all show wiring for a mini fridge that has an internal light, and thus more wiring. Because my fridge (GE Model No. SFR03BAVBBB) doesn't have a light, the only wiring to old thermostat are a black wire, white wire, and green ground...
  2. m1k3

    ITC-308 wifi is always heating or cooling

    I just got a new ITC-308 wifi and it's always heating or cooling. I own the old Inkbird wifi and dual stage units so I understand how to set it. The issue is that it does not respect any Difference Value settings. (and it does not respect Refridgeration Delay) Is it broken, need updated...
  3. C

    Side by Side Fridge to Kegerator and Ferm Chamber

    Hey everybody, So I have made many posts about this and read many threads and gathered countless amounts of information but I am looking for a few more answers. I recently got back to my refrigerator which I intend to turn the freezer side into a kegerator with two taps and the fridge side into...
  4. B

    Inkbird 308S Shut Off

    Hello On Sunday, we installed an Inkbird 308S to monitor the temperature of our Kombucha in a commercial size fermenter. When we were in the kitchen last night, it was on and working. This morning, I had someone in the kitchen check it for me and it appears to have shut off. It’s plugged in but...
  5. inkbird

    Big sales Inkbird Thermostats with largest discount,Best time to buy!!!

    :ban:Discount season of Inkbird thermostat coming! The largest discount in the history , it is the best time to carry it to home!:rockin: Whether you are in French or Spain ? If yes , the best promotion coming to you !:mug: French sales link with discount 15%+...