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  1. micraftbeer

    Michigan 20-Gallon Brewtech Infussion Mash Tun

    $315 20-gallon SS Brewtech Infussion mash tun. This is their insulated mash tun, ala a stainless steel wrapped cooler essentially. Very cool false bottom and domed bottom drainage set-up. I got this about 1.5 years ago, thinking I would have a need for making bigger batches, but that never...
  2. micraftbeer

    Need BeerSmith Equipment Profile for 20 Gal InfuSSion Mash Tun

    I recently got a 20 gallon Brewtech InfuSSion mash tun. It's bigger than I needed (so I think now...), but the 10 gallon wasn't big enough for my occasional big batch experiments where I split wort off into fermentors to test different fermentation parameters. Anyway, I was brewing a 5 gallon...