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  1. K

    California SS Brewtech 3 Vessel Single Tier Rig

    Where: Southern California, Tehachapi. (Northern LA County/Southern Kern County) What: - All SS Brewtech, 3 vessel single tier rig. - Square tube steel stand with casters - 15 gal SS Brewtech Kettle (I use as HLT) w/ Thermometer - 10 gal SS Brewtech Infusion Mash Tun w/ Thermometer - 10 gal SS...
  2. S

    Picobrew C Is it possible to add things while brewing

    I ordered the freestyle paks, and I though it would be fun to try and add things. Vanilla pods, fruit, citrus peels etc. Has anyone tried this?
  3. J

    How does the addition of boiling water to a mash (infusion) not scorch the grains?

    Hey all, I don't have a ton of experience with infusion mashes; I've done them once or twice with mixed results. I'm planning on brewing a Czech pilsner this weekend with the following mash schedule: Step 1: 146F for 35 minutes. 9.52 quarts strike 160F (1.12 qt/lb using 8.5# grain). Step 2...
  4. Troy Cleveland

    Infusing MJ with a great IPA or DIPA

    Hey, not sure if this convo is frowned upon but I have a question for any brewer out there who has at least some experience with infusing MJ with their fav IPA. I know that it's legal in some states and it will be legal country wide here in Canada this year (if our Gov't doesn't **** the bed)...