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  1. M

    Infection after 2weeks in bottles?

    At least two batches taste great at bottling day and develop "off flavours" after 2 week of bottle conditioning. I brewed pinapple ipa and raspberry philly sour. All tasted great from the FV. Added fruit in the end of fermentation. At bottling day both tasted fine. After 5 days in bottles i...
  2. Mattyg91

    Fermentation help!

    Hi everyone, on Saturday I performed my first all grain brew. It’s a smash American pale ale, and I substituted the US – 05 yeast for Kveik. This is a 5 gallon brew. The first 24 hours brought A LOT of action. More action than I’ve ever seen from another yeast. However, less than 36 hours...
  3. H

    Is this a Pellicle?

    Beginner here on my 3rd batch. It is a Single Hop IPA kit from Craft A Brew. My OG was 1.063 and FG=1.010. Fermented 2 weeks at 68°F in a plastic Nortbern Brewer bucket w/ airlock. I never opened lid until kegging day. A. Is this a pellicle? B. I will not be brewing any sour beers, so...
  4. D

    Is this mold?

    Belgian Tripel, been in a stainless conical for 4 months. Is this mold? Is it ruined?
  5. G

    Worried this may be infected. Any advice?

    I'm in day 6 of fermentation and this is what I have. Does this look infected to anyone? It doesn't smell bad.
  6. S

    Does this look infected

    I’ve recently brewed an IPA and my fermenter started to give off an order that can only be described as a fart. Four days into fermentation and this is how it looks. Has anyone else had a similar thing happen to them??? Oh and I did use Ale yeast west coast by mangrove jack