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  1. Hoosierbilly

    3 vessel, 5-10gal, gas or electric setup $1300

    Selling my 5-10gal setup as I find myself doing mostly 2.5gal batches in my kitchen or a 1/2bbl-1bbl batch if I want a lot. I have only brewed maybe 5 times on these vessels. They are in like-new condition, no cuts, nicks, dents, dings, scorch marks, or discoloration. They look the same as...
  2. jcharles00

    Indiana - FS: EHERMS/Keggle setup

    120V EHERMS setup including 3 keggles and wooden stands - Hot liquor tank, Mash tun and Boil kettle. HLT has a nice HERMS coil and 2x 2000W elements, Mash tun has a false bottom, Boil kettle has 2x 2000w elements. SS fittings and ball valves, temp sensors, silicone connecting hoses. Two march...