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immersion chiller

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  1. B

    Miscellaneous Equipment (8 gallon kettle, propane burner, immersion chiller, carboys)

    I'm clearing out some of my old brew equipment and have some miscellaneous items for sale. (3) 5 gallon Glass Carboy ($25 each) (1) 3 gallon Glass Carboy ($20) 25' Copper Immersion Chiller ($50) 8 Gallon Heavy Duty Tri-Clad Brew Kettle w/ Welded Ball Valve & Port ($100) Camp Chef single propane...
  2. M

    Faucet Adapter - Home Depot can't help, can you?

    My landlord just renovated the kitchen in my apartment, and I now have a new sink/faucet with a different size threading (pic below) that I am having trouble connecting to my immersion chiller. (I am sure I am the only one in the building complaining about my brand new sink). Home Depot helped...
  3. B

    In-Line Oxygenation Help

    Hello fellow brewers :), This is my first post as a new member so I apologize if this is a repetitive post or if it is in the wrong section (I couldn’t find the question I’m looking to answer anywhere else on the forum). So basically I’m looking to take my brewing to the next level and...
  4. A

    DIY Coil Chiller - In the Wort or In the Cooler?

    Which way would work better? Just thinking that much like a radiator it would be a lot quicker to circulate the wort through the wort through a chiller immersed in an ice bath rather than the other way around. Sort of like a counter chiller but for poor people ;)
  5. D

    Various whirlpool/dry hopping/keg hopping questions

    Hello folks, I'm an AG brewer who is switching to kegging from bottling. I always end up with bitter/astringent hop trub in my hoppy beers after whirlpooling/dry-hopping despite using hop bags. I have a few questions and will be grateful for any advice: -When whirlpooling (with an immersion...
  6. jasoux

    Minnesota Brew Equipment For Sale

    Hi All, I am selling off my brew rig and several other brewing items. Below is the Craigslist post. **Local pickup preferred, will consider shipping** https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/for/d/home-brew-beer-equipment-for/6613647572.html I have accumulated extra brewing equipment over the...
  7. SouthPhillyBr3w3r

    DIY double coil chiller

    I am working on a plan for a double coil immersion chiller to replace the janky, poorly made IC I currently have (25' x 3/8" Single). I was going to do two 3/8" x 25' coils, attached using T-fittings that are sweated together, so that there is cold water flowing from the input through each of...