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  1. J

    North Carolina Exchilerator Brutus Pro CFC for sale/trade for jaded/cuss immersion chiller

    Hi all, I have a Brutus Pro counterflow chiller from Exchilerator in like nearly perfect shape. I bought it and realized it's a bit more than I need. See details here: Brutus Pro Counterflow Wort Chiller | Exchilerator Ideally, I'd trade for a Jaded Scilla or CUSS All-in-one, since my future...
  2. P

    Texas Ranco Temperature Controller, Dual Draft Tower, Perlick Faucets, Immersion Chiller, and More

    Selling off a lot of miscellaneous homebrew items I've accumulated through the years. I would much prefer local pick up (DFW, Texas), but would be willing to ship most items if you're willing to pay the cost of shipping. Let me know if you have any questions or would like additional pictures...
  3. AlchemyBrewing

    Brew Day Disaster!

    It was supposed to be the first batch of beer my wife and I brewed in 8 years. It was supposed to be perfect. Instead it was the Brew day from hell. I open up the discussion to allow for tips, tricks, and general scorn of my lack of skills. Problem 1. The east starter (WL California...