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  1. jlash630

    Illinois 3 vessel E HERMS Keggles for sale

    $400 I have 3 keggles for sale, (boil kettle, hot liquor tank, & mash tun). These Keggles all have 1/2" ball valves with quick connects (not cam locks). The BK & HLT have 5.5kW elements with junction boxes and cord/twist lock plugs.l, MT comes with false bottom. Located near...
  2. jlash630

    Illinois Electric Brewing Supply 30A BCS control box

    I have an Electric Brewing Supply 30 amp BCS control box for sale. You can run fully automated brew house with this. It's currently set up for 3 RTDs, two elements, and two pumps. It comes with a match pump, the power cord, and 3 RTDs extension wires. I'm in northern illinois, can ship on...
  3. RogerMcAllen

    Illinois Free Hops Crowns - St. Charles, IL pickup only

    Free CTZ and Chinook crowns (yes you read that right, the full crowns) for pickup only in St. Charles, IL. The crowns were originally from Great Lakes Hops planted about 5 years ago. I started with 3 crowns of each, but once I dig them out I'm betting there will over a dozen good cuttings...
  4. N

    Illinois Set of 3 Keggles Setup for 15 Gallon Electric Brewing

    For Sale: Set of 3 Keggles Setup for 15 Gallon Electric Brewing. Includes: (1) HLT with 50ft. HERMS Coil, 2" Weldless Tri-Clamp and Sight Glass (1) Mash Tun with False Bottom (1) Boil Kettle with 2" Weldless Tri-Clamp, Sight Glass, and Temp Probe All Keggles are complete with 2 piece Weldless...
  5. B

    Spike Kettle and Brew Bucket Dirt Cheap

    15 gallon spike Kettle with thermometer and coupler 7 gallon ss brew bucket Stainless Steel Iimmersion chiller $300 if you are interested I'll send picks. Must meet me to pick up. I also have a co2 tank and keg I will throw in for 50 dollars combined if you are interested.
  6. Jtk78

    Illinois St.Charles Tri-Coty Brew Fest

    The Tri-City Beer Festival is coming up in St.Charles Illinois on June 8th. Aside from the 60+ commercial breweries that will be there, there will be a homebrew area with local homebrew clubs pouring beer, including Wingnut Homebrew Club. We'll be pouring the following beers: Brut IPA - 5.5%...
  7. N

    Ball Lock 5 gal kegs near St Charles, IL

    I’m looking to start kegging soon and am needing to find a couple kegs. Craigslist has some listed 50 miles away but that’s a little far for me with kids and such so I’d like to see if anybody has some closer. Please PM me if you have any I could buy for a reasonable price. Thanks, Nick
  8. L

    FastFerment Brand new in sealed box

    I have a 7.9 Gallon FastFerment that I received as part of a bundle that I do not need. It is complete with all standard accessories and in a factory-sealed box. This has many of the features of a conical fermenter--allows harvesting yeast and removing trub, so secondary fermentation can take...
  9. N

    2 March 809 Pumps

    I have a couple march 809s I'm no longer using; one center inlet and one inline. Both have seen ~15 brew day, well maintained over the last couple years. The cords have been cut and braided but I will include a pair of standard 3-wire 115 amp Leviton plugins if needed. $70 + shipping each, or...