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  1. N

    Illinois Set of 3 Keggles Setup for 15 Gallon Electric Brewing

    For Sale: Set of 3 Keggles Setup for 15 Gallon Electric Brewing. Includes: (1) HLT with 50ft. HERMS Coil, 2" Weldless Tri-Clamp and Sight Glass (1) Mash Tun with False Bottom (1) Boil Kettle with 2" Weldless Tri-Clamp, Sight Glass, and Temp Probe All Keggles are complete with 2 piece Weldless...
  2. B

    Spike Kettle and Brew Bucket Dirt Cheap

    15 gallon spike Kettle with thermometer and coupler 7 gallon ss brew bucket Stainless Steel Iimmersion chiller $300 if you are interested I'll send picks. Must meet me to pick up. I also have a co2 tank and keg I will throw in for 50 dollars combined if you are interested.
  3. Jtk78

    Illinois St.Charles Tri-Coty Brew Fest

    The Tri-City Beer Festival is coming up in St.Charles Illinois on June 8th. Aside from the 60+ commercial breweries that will be there, there will be a homebrew area with local homebrew clubs pouring beer, including Wingnut Homebrew Club. We'll be pouring the following beers: Brut IPA - 5.5%...
  4. N

    Ball Lock 5 gal kegs near St Charles, IL

    I’m looking to start kegging soon and am needing to find a couple kegs. Craigslist has some listed 50 miles away but that’s a little far for me with kids and such so I’d like to see if anybody has some closer. Please PM me if you have any I could buy for a reasonable price. Thanks, Nick
  5. L

    FastFerment Brand new in sealed box

    I have a 7.9 Gallon FastFerment that I received as part of a bundle that I do not need. It is complete with all standard accessories and in a factory-sealed box. This has many of the features of a conical fermenter--allows harvesting yeast and removing trub, so secondary fermentation can take...
  6. N

    2 March 809 Pumps

    I have a couple march 809s I'm no longer using; one center inlet and one inline. Both have seen ~15 brew day, well maintained over the last couple years. The cords have been cut and braided but I will include a pair of standard 3-wire 115 amp Leviton plugins if needed. $70 + shipping each, or...