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  1. cactusgarrett

    RyePA Opinion

    Pure opinion question. What would play better in a RyePA with Green Bullet: Hornindal, Voss, (both Omega) or Oslo (BB)? I was planning on fermenting at a lower temp (75-80°F) and typical sacc-like pitch rates to achieve a (relatively) cleaner/more subtle yeast profile and make way for the rye...
  2. T

    Hornindal Kveik Yeast - Rotten Eggs and slow to start

    I've brewed a 2.5 gallon 1.061 OG NEIPA wort and pitched the Omega yeast packet straight in to the fermenter with no yeast starter. 2 days later there is little to no activity and I opened my fermenter and there is no krausen, but there are CO2 bubbles. It also reeks of rotten eggs. It is...
  3. NicFarley

    Hornindal smells like eggs

    I recently purchased a pack of Omega Hornindal to use on a Kettle sour. I built a large starter to be able to save some of the yeast. The brew came out great so I wanted to do the same thing again. Built my 1.036 1L starter, added 1tsp of slurry and left it on the stir plate @73*. Started seeing...