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  1. H

    Alpha Aroma

    Hey folks. Have some Nugget hops doing beautifully for the second year. alao have Alpha Aroma- the root and tubers are very green so it’s alive and well but I keep finding tubers all over the place but no shoots or leaves. I know it’s classified as “late” but was not this late last year. The...
  2. Oscar Hernandez

    What type of hops is this?

    Hi, I´m new in this foro and brewing XD, so my uncle gave me 5 ounces of hops, but I do not know what kind of hops it is, can you guess what type is only with a picture? he forget what kind of hops is it and the hops is almost 1 year old but keep flavor and odor... thanks all in advance...
  3. Jhonntan Gonzalez

    Magnum hops substitute

    Hello everyone, I am using Magnum hops as a first addition in my American Amber Ale recipe. My distributor is not going to bring Magnum hops anymore so here are some of the options they have: Bravo Centenial Cascade Sterling Chinook Perle Mandarina Bavaria Hallertau Mittelfruh Do you guys...
  4. T

    Am I growing hops in my backyard Tampa Florida?

    This is what's growing in an old chicken pen. Please assist..tina