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  1. JAReeves

    California Hop Rhizomes

    I have some hop rhizomes that I had to dig up last month when I moved my hop garden. I have about 3 large rhizomes each of Shaddock and Old Mission. Both are aroma hops. They have been my biggest producers for two years now. $7 for each rhizome, shipping included, (3 each of two varieties...
  2. bovine_OB

    Anybody harvesting hops yet?

    Northern Neb has seen an unusually high amount of precipitation this year, and has been moderately warm (80s-90s) but nothing extreme. This past week I have been noticing quite a few Cascade cones starting to brown, the lupulin is darkening, and the leafy portion of the cone is...
  3. sethful

    2010 Hops Gardens

    I hadn't seen the new thread come up yet... so I thought I'd make one. Here is my trellis from last year... Cascade on the left side, Chinook on the right. The middle was taken up by flowers that my wife put in. This year, SWMBO wants her own flower box on the east side of the garage, so...