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  1. JAReeves

    California Hop Rhizomes

    I have some hop rhizomes that I had to dig up last month when I moved my hop garden. I have about 3 large rhizomes each of Shaddock and Old Mission. Both are aroma hops. They have been my biggest producers for two years now. $7 for each rhizome, shipping included, (3 each of two varieties...
  2. P

    Massachusetts Local hop farm in the news

    http://www.wbur.org/artery/2018/09/25/massachusetts-farmers-hops-plant-local-craft-beer I might have to pick up some hops from them for a future IPA. I'd also be curious what the "feral variety likely descended from the Pilgrims’ crops" would be like.
  3. snarf7

    What basic grains, yeast etc should I try with these hops?

    I'm new to this so my plan is to brew five 1-gallon batches to see what works well and what doesn't. The hops I grew myself, they are freshly harvested a few days ago and fully dehydrated. The first batch I started this weekend was based off a kit so I just used their malt mix, grains and yeast...
  4. Max D

    Hello everybody

    I am a newly started hops farmer in California. I’m growing cascade, chinook, centennial, nugget, magnum, zeus, Brewers Gold and Pride of Ringwood. This is my first year and have bines growing to the top of the trellis on the chinook strain but most of my other strains are not shooting up as...