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  1. jayjay

    Keg dry hopping with Eureka! after carbonation

    Hi forum So i have just completed my first kegging of a homebrew batch (West coast IPA) which i intend to bring on a weekend trip with some friends. I am quite satisfied with the taste of the beer, however i was wondering whether it would be possible to dry hop in the keg after carbonation...
  2. A

    10 Tips To Optimize Dry Hop Aroma

    Crave that pungent hop aroma in your IPAs and Pale Ales? Enjoy coating your nostrils with sticky hop goodness? Want to achieve the dry hop character of The Alchemist's Heady Topper in your own beer? Below are 10 things you can do to enhance the aroma of your hop-forward beers. 1 - Use pellets...
  3. jayjay

    Weighing down hop bag when dry hopping

    Hi So i am just about to brew my first beer using dry hopping and have read that people recommend using a hop bag and weighing it down with marbles. However, because of the corona lockdown in my country i can't get my hands on any marbles at the moment so i was wondering if there is any other...
  4. W

    Hop schedule help (DIY dog)

    Hi im brewing this brewdog recipe from their brew book (https://brewdogrecipes.com/recipes/libertine-black-ale) The hop schedule is just given as: Simcoe 18.8g Start (Bitter) Simcoe 18.8g Middle (Bitter) Simcoe 37.5g End (Flavour) Simcoe 175g Dry Hop Cascade 37.5g Dry hop Mosaic...
  5. A

    Bitter hopping 2 weeks into fermentation?

    Hi all: made a small 2 gallon batch, tested and tasted it two weeks into fermentation and it's ready to bottle. Only problem is it's way too sweet, I underhopped the bill so the hops wouldn't be overpowering, now I'm wondering if I can take out some beer (or use a small amount of spring water...