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  1. K

    New Hop Combos

    I wanted to start a thread about new hop combos. I purchased Bru-1, Sabro, and Strata recently and was having trouble finding hop combos that had been done with these hops, other than the NEIPA Galaxy, Citra, and Mosaic combos. I brewed an APA this week with Sabro and Strata. I heard Sabro has...
  2. Dgallo

    Tired of Citra, Mosiac, and Galaxy NE IPAS

    Love the combo. It’s kinda like Skynyrd’s “Free Bird”. Awesome but sometimes you’ve had enough of it. I wanted to open up a discussion for people looking to change up their hop combos. I’ll start with one odd one that came out delicious and then provide my combo I’m rocking on my upcoming brew...
  3. M

    Best Cheap Hop Combos

    I've been intrigued about hop combos and their biotransformations ever since I heard Stan Hieronymus speak about them. Using nugget and chinook in the whirl pool and/or dry hop produce something much fruitier/tropical than either on their own. I've tried it and it seems to be true. Has anyone...