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  1. Gadjobrinus

    Stout S/S Counterflow Chiller ; 3 gal Hop Back, new never used

    Hi all, I'm moving out of brewing, can't physically do it any longer without help, and no longer drinking beer. On sale is a Stout WC30X1-2-SS-TC stainless steel counterflow chiller, never used, still wrapped in original plastic. List $224, offering $185 + shipping firm, via USPS (or any...
  2. Gadjobrinus

    Better Choice for Post Leaf HopBack, and one pass - CFC, PC?

    I know in so many ways this has been beaten to death but I did search and haven't found something specific to this. I am moving to whole leaf brewing, in stages. I am planning on inserting a whole leaf hopback after the pump, on to a chiller. I don't have the ability to gravity feed the HB...
  3. micraftbeer

    Foaming Beer from Hop Randall- Solved

    I recently got a canning jar Randall from NorCal Brewing. It was a pretty slick set-up, and I liked the large 64 oz size. I used some dried cherries in there to complement a Black Lager and it worked great. I then tried adding hops to a beer and ran into crazy foaming problems. A lot of...