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  1. Nozomu

    Dealing with hop harshness in neipas

    Hey guys, been trying to brew neipas lately. I finally got the level of hop flavor i wanted, however it's the wrong sort of flavors. It's like just chewing straight into a hop pellet, super harsh and grassy. Can you guys give me any advice on getting fruitiness out of the hops instead?
  2. Stromboni

    Brewers Best NEIPA Modification (first time)

    I am just starting to brew my own beer so I got all of the supplies as well as a brewer’s best NEIPA extract kit so I can get started a little easier. I was looking at the hops involved, and I would like something a little fruiter so I bought 2oz of citra to use. Right now the recipe calls to...
  3. D

    Unlocking Hop and Fruit Flavors from Glycosides

    As a home brewer who loves experimentation, I am always looking for new things to try. So, my ears perked up when I saw a video on Brulosophy about sour beer tasting and they mentioned a Brettanomyces beer that was far older than the strong hop aroma let on [1]. As luck would have it, later the...