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  1. mccamich

    Dry hopping with wild hops

    I picked some wild hops this past summer form my friend's backyard. I don't know the variety. I got about 8 ounces or so. I ziploc baggied them, rolled them out, and threw them in the freezer until I wanted to use them. Now I want to use them to dry hop an IPA I made. Some questions... 1...
  2. troxerX

    Equilibrium Brewing Hop Equation

    Happy brewing everyone!, my memory is a little bit muddled on the details but a few years back I ran into an online presentation (slides) detailing a mathematical equation (or multiple equations) the folks at Equilibrium Brewing developed for hopping beers efficiently. I roughly recall this...
  3. azbirazbira

    Dry hop on day 5 of fermentation

    Hello everyone. I am joining from Turkey. I've been making whole grain beer for many years. But I see myself at the beginning of the road. Because I have so much to learn. :) Now I want to ask you about one of them. I brewed a smash beer from my own grown cascade hops and poured it into the...
  4. mohr.jozsef

    Double hoped NEIPA

    Hi! Today, i brew my NEIPA and by mistake, I hoped it twice (should hop at 10 min, but I did it at 60). It will be 110-120 IBU. :( Is there a way to save it? Thank You
  5. Stromboni

    Brewers Best NEIPA Modification (first time)

    I am just starting to brew my own beer so I got all of the supplies as well as a brewer’s best NEIPA extract kit so I can get started a little easier. I was looking at the hops involved, and I would like something a little fruiter so I bought 2oz of citra to use. Right now the recipe calls to...
  6. nay3oni

    No boil ale, bittering hops

    Long story short, I won't be able to boil 5+ gal of water/wort with my stove for a while. So, I was wondering if I were to brew a raw ale and want to add some IBUs, what will be the best way? I've read some people will usually do first wort hopping or mash hopping, and while this is a viable...
  7. N

    How much hops to add?

    I am getting back into brewing after many years and striking out to do some brews that didnt come in a box. I just unboxed my new Grainfather after moving interstate (what a pain, but glad to be out of NY) and bought a book with brew recipes (BYO Book of Big Clone Recipes). I am not sure how...
  8. Jesse Runowski

    Need help increasing hop flavor and aroma without hop pellet taste

    Hey Everyone, I've been having the same problem over and over again with my west coast and new england IPAs. I can’t seem to get the flavor and aroma I’m looking for without getting a hoppy / astringent aftertaste. I’ve adjusted my recipes and tried different techniques but they all end with...
  9. Ritsuko Akagi

    What hops would you use for hoped cider?

    I have been making cider for a little bit now, but never anything with beer or hops. I was wanting to make a hoped cider and was wondering what hops other would use. I when to my local homebrew store an picked out Centennial , Lemondrop and Vic's Secret. Because those all sounded good at the...
  10. A

    Hops that create a Pineapple flavor

    After trying Pineapple Tessellation form Lone Pine in Portland ME. My wife wants to make something close. She wants most of the pineapple flavor to come from the hops / hop combinations. She does plan to age it on some form of real pineapple at the end. I have a good base NEIPA recipe I use...
  11. B

    1 Gallon - Clean Out the Freezer Beer - Dark and Roasty - Hop Suggestion

    Hello, I will be moving soon and want to use up what I have but not just throw it out. I am working on creating a 1 gallon recipe to use up the remaining grain I have on hand. This is my second ever recipe from the ground up, so I welcome feedback and suggestions. I realize this beer may not be...
  12. InspectorJon

    Boil Time and hop additions

    I'm having some difficulty in nailing down my boil times. My volume was over and the gravity was below target on my last brew so I boiled longer to get things to come out but it raised some questions in my mind regarding the hop additions. I use some bags I made out of paint strainer material...