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  1. H

    Honey beer using brewkit

    Hello everyone, i am newbie here. I started brewing few weeks ago and i am impressed how big this environment is. I've got 1 batch behind me - boiled from Coopers brewkit. It wasnt the greatest beer, but also way better than the market one. I've got an idea to boil another batch using...
  2. S

    Maybe it's too much honey

    I'm making my first batch of mead in a plastic jug with holes poked into the lid and a balloon stretched and taped with holes in the top to be sure it's a good seal, just to give you an idea with what I'm working with. Anyway, I made this fermentation 3 days ago and it's going strong, the jug is...
  3. R

    Apple juice in Mead

    Hi, I'm Pedro and I wanted to start making Cyser. I spent hours searching and i could not find how much apple juice or water i have to put per kilogram (1 kilogram = 2 pounds) of honey. Can anyone help me? I'm new to all of this so i don't know very much of brewing. And one more thing, i saw...
  4. S

    When does Mead start bubbles and airlock bubble?

    Hi Guys. When does Mead start bubbling and airlock starts to bubble? Roughly? My ciders start on day one. Mead didn't move yet on day 2 at all. I know it's more dense and honey is more antibiotic. I just want to get rough idea so it doesn't go bad due to lots of sugar and fruit in there. If...
  5. the_queen_bee

    20% off our Pails of Tanzanian Gold Amber Honey

    GREAT deal on pails of Organic forest honey from Tanzania. 20% off our Pails of Tanzanian Gold Amber Honey Use discount code GOLD20 at checkout to get 20% off. Great honey for brewing, mead making, baking, eating! Interested in larger quantities? Send us a note on this forum, or by email...
  6. A

    Brewing A Braggot - Meads Combined with Malted Barley

    Some of you, when you saw this article knew exactly what you were going to see. Others of you, probably saw the word braggot and wondered, “The heck’s a braggot?” I admit, less than a year ago, I fell squarely into the second camp. Before I started home brewing and reading books about the...
  7. T

    Beekeeping 101

    Honey bees working to fill each comb with honey and cap it off. Bees are one of nature’s most amazing and complex insects, and one of the more useful for humans, flora, and fauna. Pollination of plants and flowers is crucial in farms and agriculture, as well as for wildlife. Beekeeping is...
  8. D

    Mead Making - The Profiling of Honey

    Mead Making: The Profiling of Honey Not too long ago, I was at a homebrew club meeting where I was the only mead maker in attendance. This was not for a lack of interest by the other members, they just hadn't made mead yet. When I presented my meads for tasting, I got a lot of questions and I...
  9. D

    A Marriage Of Beer And Mead: Braggots

    A Marriage of Beer and Mead: Braggots Crisp, malty, and maybe hoppy beer; combined with aromatic, bright floral honey. Add a bit of carbonation (or maybe not) and what do you get? A braggot. A braggot is a type of mead that also uses brewing ingredients like hops, malt, or both. They are...
  10. CsaintG

    My First Mead

    My name is Christopher J. A. Saint Germain. I am a photojournalist for the Army National Guard. I have been in the active military for most of my adult life and never have had the chance to start brewing. I've never lived in one place long enough. The closest I've ever come was making a batch of...
  11. CsaintG

    My First Mead

    My name is Christopher J. A. Saint Germain. I am a photojournalist for the Army National Guard. I have been in the active military for most of my adult life and never have had the chance to start brewing. I've never lived in one place long enough. The closest I've ever come was making a batch of...
  12. goldcrown44

    First Cider Batch - Questions on Back Sweetening

    As a fairly regular beer-brewer, I'm anxious to bottle my first batch of hard cider... mine is based on Honeycrisp apples (a personal favorite that I hope will be just as awesome as a hard cider). Tomorrow marks the 30 day "patience" period so theoretically, it will be ready for bottling...
  13. the_queen_bee

    Organic, Fair Trade Honey for Brewing at +50% OFF!

    We just took delivery of the most delicious brewing honey on the planet... and it's in the wrong package! We can't sell it in stores, so we are passing this deal on to Home Brewers... because we're home brewers too! This is organic, fair trade honey at a remarkable discount – less than half...
  14. milleniarist

    My first bottle bomb (bottle conditioning with honey)

    I've been homebrewing for more than four years, almost always conditioning in the bottle with priming sugar and yesterday I had my first bottle exploding. I went through my notes several times and I have no clue how this could happen. Here are some details: The beer was a saison fermented with...
  15. M

    Mead Yeast Cake?

    Knowing that mead lacks the solids of beer/wine production, will mead's yeast cake and "devil's share" act the same way composted as these others? If not; what else might I use this yeast slurry for? Also, hi! Used to experimenting on my own, but SUPER eager to chat with more experienced...
  16. cburley

    Help with a lavender Meadowfoam mead for my Fiancée

    I am relatively new to mead making and wanted to do something special for my Fiancée for the holidays and our wedding next year. We both love mead, and have both shown interest in making mead in the past, so I thought that I would brew a special mead for the occasion based on things that remind...
  17. LTBradley

    Strawberry Ginger Saison

    Greetings! I've been researching recipes and guides for a strawberry saison I'm looking to brew for a competition in 2020. I'm very much still in the planning stage right now, but I'd like some ideas about using ginger and honey with this recipe. Currently, I'm working off a recipe that I found...
  18. LouisianaMead

    Weird "Negative" Gravity

    Hello all. I have a question about a strange gravity reading. Just for kicks and giggles, I decided to make a super fast mead--I racked it 3 days afer I started it. OG = 1.032 Gravity at racking = 1.048 Is it possible for gravity readings to move backwards? I did use honey that was...
  19. K

    Assistance/Input about backsweetining

    Hello all, just signed up to the site as I was hoping to get some input. I have been homebrewing cider for a few months and have been using the same recipe, very simple setup, so far my friends and I have really enjoyed the cider I produce but this batch I wanted to change up the...
  20. P

    Honey I'm home

    manuka lager: - a handful of fresh hops, 100 gr. manuka honey (mgo 260+) 1.7 kg malt extract 1 kg dextrose sugar 18 lt. purified (reverse osmosis) nz water 1 week first ferment. 5- 15 days bottled. Comes in around 7.2% a/bv. Very tasty.