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  1. TheOriginalDBS

    Smoked malt made others also smokey—toss?

    Hey folks, as the title implies, I stored 1 pound of smoked malt in a sealed bag (not vacuum sealed, just sealed) in a bin with some other specialty malts, honey malt included. The honey malt was in a plastic bag with a twist tie. I just noticed today that the honey malt also smells smokey. It’s...
  2. M

    Stalled or Finished Very High?

    I have a honey american wheat beer that has been in primary for 2.5 weeks. The expected OG was 1.047 but I ended up getting a couple points higher at 1.052. The expected FG is 1.009. I used US-05 and didn't see any bubbling at all. After a week, I checked the gravity with a refractometer and saw...
  3. rhys333

    Honey Malt Poll! How much do you like before it becomes too much?

    Everyone seems to have an opinion on honey malt. It's either overpowering and you can't use much, or it needs to be used in higher amounts to make any difference. What's your opinion on this?
  4. B

    Honey Malt Braggot

    I have been considering on how to make a mead have a nice honey flavor without using a really large amount of honey. I’m fairly inexperienced when it comes to brewing. I’ve made a couple of extract batches and I’ve got a few gallons of cider fermenting but nothing exceptional. So I may be...