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  1. F


    Hi, everybody. Im Fizi and im so glad to be part of this community! I know it's only for introduction sheet for new member and we should write only about our self in a short term. Anyway, I and my colleague just start our homemade banana fermentation. So far so good actually. They go as much as...
  2. M

    Mold on my mead?

    Good evening, a few days ago (14/04) I decided to make my own mead for the first time. I have used apples to do the fermentation process like on the recipe that I found on youtube. For the first and second days, obviousy i didn't have noticed any signs of fermentation. Today, when I checked it...
  3. S

    Under Sink Carbonated Water Setup in home

    Hey all! Long time lurker, thought I’d share my recent project. Afterall, couldn’t have pulled it off without a few hours here. I tried to attached pictures and a diagram, but I am getting an error (on iPhone). Will try on a PC later. I’m running 110psi into a refurbished Big Mac...
  4. Gosé the gozarian

    Mash tun basket?

    So, I built a mash tun out of a cooler (the rectangle kind) and had the copper pipe straining in the bottom then got a brew bag, I don't really like either of them. What is everyone's thoughts about making a stainless mesh basket that fits in the cooler? Best material, What to use for the...
  5. S

    Swedish Berry Wine

    Hey Everyone..... - I melted down some Swedish Berry candies into red syrup. - Boiled it in a gallon of water. - Added sugar and acid blend - Added a cup of green tea And so far, it seems to be fermenting! Check out my photos!