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  1. snarf7

    Help me concoct a fine ale

    I'm a novice at this but what I'd like to do is try multiple small batches (i have a small kit so that limits me anyway) so I can experiment and see what works and what doesn't. I grow my own hops and this is year 2 (last year I gave em away to a friend, i had no time to try them sadly) and I...
  2. aleiexjr

    Is it possible to homegrow Irish moss? also, how to identify my Hops?

    Hello there, I've got a couple of questions here: 1) Recently a friend of mine gave me a few hop seeds, I'm planning on planting them and using them for my homebrew recipes, however he doesn't know what kind of hops this are, is there some way to identify my hops once they've grown? I'd...