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  1. J

    Oklahoma For sale - Incredible home brew setup

    Home brew equipment or test batch equipment for brewery. Spike brewing CF 10 stainless steel conical unitank with temperature control coil, heater, cooler box, tubing, and controller. Spike brewing 15 gallon brew pot. Mash tun 10 gallon igloo Inkbird temp controller for kegerator conversion of...
  2. H

    Complete All-grain homebrewing System $300 (Connecticut)

    This is a complete all-grain equipment kit. Spend the summer making up to 6 gallons of fresh, homemade brews. Included: 1 mash tun 1 hot liquor tank 1 8 gallon brew kettle with thermometer 1 propane burner 1 wort chiller 1 glass fermentation carboy 4 fermentation/bottling buckets 1 CO2 Tank for...
  3. ThomasD

    Massachusetts 6-5Gal. Capacity Keezer

    Holds 6-5gallon ball lock kegs, 6-way gas manifold leading to your choice of (either/both) 20lb or 5lb CO2 tanks on a reg. My father and I learned to Home Brew together. From there we teamed up to engineer an epic home brewing facility! His basement looks like heaven to a fellow home brewer...