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  1. exeggutertassadar

    Kilning your home malts

    I don't see a discussion board for home malting, so I posted this here. How have y'all kilned your malts? If you used an oven, how many lbs/temp/hours did you bake them? But I'd love to figure out if it's possible to put convection fan space heaters in a room to blow hot air over floor malts...
  2. P

    What should I do? is my malt dead?

    So I've been malting my organic animal feed barley for about 5 days now and it seems to have stopped growing. I soaked it the 1st day for about 8 hrs then waited about 16 hrs and soaked it again for another 8 hrs and then waited 16 hrs and on the 3rd day I soaked for about 5 hrs.. but it seems...
  3. potseeslc

    Homebrewing DIY Ep- 9 DIY Malting

    I am always looking for DIY projects to feature on this show. When I saw some of the things the Giovannni Giannetti had built as part of his home malting process I knew I had to have him be a guest. So today we are going to talk about the process of home malting and talk about some of the...