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  1. 28wang

    Silent Light(灯火稀)/ kölsch

    Silent Light(灯火稀)/ kölsch Recipe: 3.5Kg Pilsner malt 1Kg Wheat Malt Pale 20g MT HOOD 20g SAAZ 11g Norway Voss kveik 20L Water This is a very conservative formula. Secondary fermentation using glucose, about 6g/L. Add 10g MT HOOD hops 45 minutes and 5 minutes before the end of the boil, and...
  2. Mattyg91

    How much sugar to yeast to aclohol!

    Okay, so, I am making a hard root beer. I am going to use a regular root beer recipe and pitch my yeast like I would normally do with any other beer. Then I will allow it to ferment, and I will back sweeten with the appropriate amount of sugar for priming and xylitol for sweetness. My question...
  3. weaf27

    Feedback on my new Home Brewing YouTube Channel

    I started brewing Dec 2014 and use to post but prefer to just read a LOT and learn. I love brewing and it helps me a great deal with stress (health related) as I am very passionate about brewing and learning new things related the brewing process. I am simply looking for feedback from fellow...