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  1. stouttanksandkettles

    Stout Tanks - Cyber Monday EQUIPMENT SALE ends tonight!

    Happy holidays home brewers! Reminder that TODAY is the LAST DAY to save $$ on select homebrewing equipment. Our home brew sale ends tonight! We seldom have sales, and we don't know when (or if) we will have another sale this year so if you are in the market for some top quality brewing...
  2. B

    Home Brew Equipment For Sale--Long Beach

    Transitioning to 1-gallon batches and am selling a majority of my all grain brewing equipment. Included: 12 gallon stainless steel brew kettle with spigot, copper soft chiller, burner, 5-gallon jug, 6 gallon bucket fermented, stainless steel spoon, stainless steel quart measuring cup...
  3. J

    California FOR SALE: Ss Brewtech Homebrew System

    I have a complete homebrew system with brand new Ss Brewtech epuipment that I’m selling. I’m a professional Brewer so I don’t brew anymore at home. It’s sitting and I know someone else can benefit from it. It’s a single tier 2 burner and 2 pump system welded out of 2” square tubing. One of the...
  4. D

    Japan - Corny Kegs for sale

    I have a bunch of 19L stainless steel Corny kegs with ball lock valves for sale. All are in excellent condition. Used but well looked after and very clean. I can sell and courier to anywhere in Japan for 10,000 yen per keg.
  5. A

    California Complete Homebrewing Equipment Set

    HI! I have a complete home brew set that I am selling. The price is set at 1,850$. Well work out a deal to part it out if necessary. This has only been used once!!! Been busy and haven't had time to brew, so I need to give it to someone that will brew more then I have. Put this equipment to use...
  6. G

    California Bay Area- 1550 Home Brew Structure (& all accessories)

    1550 Brew Sculpture and all of the components that we have for home brewing. The structure is in perfect condition, we are the original owners. In the sale, we also have a 14 gallon (heated/cooled) conical fermenter. Along with that, we have many more items, including: refractometer, stainless...