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  1. Merkur

    A Different Sort of Control Panel

    Two years ago when I was planning my electric brewery, I was set on a ‘traditional’ three vessel system and read the electric brewing forums, watched the YouTube videos and @kal ’s excellent material on The Electric Brewery website. That all changed when I was convinced by several highly...
  2. stouttanksandkettles

    Stout Tanks - Cyber Monday EQUIPMENT SALE ends tonight!

    Happy holidays home brewers! Reminder that TODAY is the LAST DAY to save $$ on select homebrewing equipment. Our home brew sale ends tonight! We seldom have sales, and we don't know when (or if) we will have another sale this year so if you are in the market for some top quality brewing...
  3. A

    Colorado Tippy Dump BrewSculpture for sale

    Version 2 - 10 gallon propane. $2,750 I just don't have enough time anymore. Want to ride my bike for now. This unit is amazing. I cant really ship due to the size but sure can help load it up. Close to Colorado Springs, CO. A couple bullets from the manufacturers website Made in USA in the...