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  1. S

    9 Gallon Direct Fire Hot Liquor Tank with Herms Coil and Sight Glass

    9 gallon direct fire hot liquor tank with Herms coil and sight glass. This tank is has the obsolete style of HERMS coil which has a small diameter and less BTU exchange than the new model. It has minimal scratches on bottom(shown in pictures). Located in the Portland, OR area. Can be picked up...
  2. D

    Questions for Homebrewers from a College Student

    Hello everyone! My name is Daniel Murphy, and I'm a current college student. I'm a class called Technology Entrepreneurship, in which we're tasked with creating the barebones of an actual tech startup. I've always found the craft beer industry fascinating, more specifically I've always admired...
  3. B

    Pennsylvania Blichmann setup for sale

    All equipment is lightly used and in good working condition. Not looking to split it up right now X3 blichmann boilmaker 10 g kettles. One has blichmann false bottom. X2 blichmann tower of powers X1 blichmann hop rocket X1 blichmann therminator X3 extra blichmann valves X1 chugged pump Table...
  4. potseeslc

    One of the most high-quality DIY brewing systems I have seen. Episode 3 – The Beer Barn with Jim Spa

    Jim has one of the most high-quality DIY systems I have seen in the wild. He built his "Barn" himself and dug out his cellar by hand and makes amazing beer. We talk to him about all of those subjects. Check out the podcast. Note we are now on Apple Podcasts and most services. Let me know if...