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  1. asg816

    Any Experience Aging Holiday Ales?

    So…. I brewed a holiday ale this season & I bottled quite a bit more than I can drink in a reasonable time. I’ve read some mixed things about the shelf life of ales, so I’m wondering if anyone has had any (good and/or bad) experience aging their ales for longer than say…. 4 to 12 months. Mine is...
  2. R

    Gluten Free Holiday Beers

    It’s colder out, spirits are high, and it’s so freaking DARK out! Things are getting spiced out the wazoo, there’s pie everywhere, turkeys ducks and chickens are getting bird-centipede-ed, it’s bedlam- and on top of that, the in-laws… Got anything for me? YOU BETCHA! There are so many ways to...
  3. B

    Holiday Spiced Ale

    Happy Holidays home brewers! In the "spirits" of the holiday and horrible puns, I'd like to talk about specialty malts that may bring a little cheer to your beer. I recently brewed up a holiday beer myself, using a couple of specialty malts that you may want to try in your attempts to bring...