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  1. Findley Brothers


    So I just made a 5 gallon Pilsner and wanted a different kinda citrus taste so I added some orange/earl grey tea to my cold crash. The recipe I used for the Pilsner said OG would be 1.047 and I ended up with 1.071. Does this have something to do with the tea added? It was an extract brew and...
  2. A

    Fruit wine 23%??

    I recently brewed a batch of Strawberry Wine. I was hoping to end up with a nice dessert wine flavor. OG 1.08 I knew it hadn't turn out as I had hoped when my FG reading was 0.90. Somehow it became very dry and had a very strong alcohol flavor to it. I had let it ferment for 4 months (I've...
  3. S

    Imperial stout OG 1.160, US-05

    Hi everyone. So I brewed an imperial stout yesterday going for an OG of 1.140 After boiling for 7 hours ai ended at 1.138 and thought it was as close as I could get. When the wort cooled the OG ended at 1.160. So my question is basically if you think my yeast can do the job? I used two packs...
  4. rockittear

    Can I add GoFerm in the middle of (stalled) fermentation?

    I have a stalled batch of mead that I suspect is from too high of an OG so my plan is to pour some out, add some water, and throw in the last round of yeast nutrient and fermaid k. Would it help or hurt to also add some GoFerm?
  5. TheDannyMann

    High OG Mead Experiment

    So, we brewed some straight mead, and pitched our Lavalin 71B-1122 on brew day. We had a nutrient regimen we stuck to with Fermaid K and DAP. We believe our starting OG (of 1.16) hindered yeast production, but our SP right now is 1.09 and has stalled. It has been 6 weeks. Thoughts on if we...
  6. I

    Dealing with a very high OG mead

    hi - didn’t know if anyone had any advice for me... I was attempting a ‘burnt mead’ recipe, but suspect my proportions of honey and water went haywire. My OG measured in around 1.13 (the graduation on my hydrometer only goes to 1.13,and it was hovering around there). I have around 4.75L of...