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  1. TheDannyMann

    High OG Mead Experiment

    So, we brewed some straight mead, and pitched our Lavalin 71B-1122 on brew day. We had a nutrient regimen we stuck to with Fermaid K and DAP. We believe our starting OG (of 1.16) hindered yeast production, but our SP right now is 1.09 and has stalled. It has been 6 weeks. Thoughts on if we...
  2. I

    Dealing with a very high OG mead

    hi - didn’t know if anyone had any advice for me... I was attempting a ‘burnt mead’ recipe, but suspect my proportions of honey and water went haywire. My OG measured in around 1.13 (the graduation on my hydrometer only goes to 1.13,and it was hovering around there). I have around 4.75L of...