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  1. Penghu Brews

    Replacing some DME with table sugar to get a lower FG

    Hello everyone. I've done about 6 extract brews now (American IPAs) with Light DME. It's producing a lovely colour and flavour, but consistently finished at 1.020 or just below, with a starting gravity of 1.050. It tastes and smells great but I'd really like to be hitting the 5% abv with a...
  2. B

    Higher FG with my First Two BIAB Beers

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone can help me with this situation. I currently do 2.5 gallon BIAB beers. I took a 5g all-grain NEIPA kit and split it into two batches ( I measured them out evenly on a good electric scale I own). Both of them finished with higher than expected FG of...
  3. guinnessface

    Stuck and Stumped

    Brewers- I could use your help here, I've been running into dead ends lately with much higher than expected final gravity. A month ago I brewed an AG imperial brown on a grainfather. Pretty typical malt bill with a pound each of DME and brown sugar at the end of the boil, mashed at 155, mashed...
  4. J

    Efficiency problems

    So I bought a new system, the 10 gallon ss brewtech bme set up and modified it a little to include a herms. For the last 11 brews I've made over 92% efficiency, Twice being 98%. I do a 3 step mash for all of my Belgian styles or wheat beers and 2 step for other ales. All including a mash out to...
  5. beervoid

    Fixing a Stout finishing @ 1.031 FG

    Hello everyone I decided to open a separate topic on this. I recently failed to properly mash a stout and was left with it at 1.031 FG. OG was 1.056 so it's now a thick sweet potion with only 3% or so. Is there anyway to save this baby? I was thinking of adding straight burboun to bump up the...
  6. D

    High Gravity Stout Fermentation

    I brewed my own recipe that started with Northern Brewers Dragon's Silk extract kit as the base recipe. (See recipe here: https://www.northernbrewer.com/documentation/beerkits/DragonsSilk.pdf) My intention was to add lactose, bourbon soaked vanilla beans cocoa nibs and medium toast oak cubes to...
  7. B

    Racked to Secondary a bit High

    I did a slightly modified version of Yoopers Dead Guy Clone and got an OG of 1.066. I checked the gravity after a week and it was at 1.024, a bit high. I checked it again a week later (by now it's been fermenting for 2 weeks) and it was at 1.022. I used WLP060, the American Ale Yeast blend...
  8. T

    Calm my nerves - bottled with high fg

    So I brewed my first batch, an amber ale extract kit (recipe below). I didn't have a hydrometer on brew day so I don't know the exact OG, but I'd expect it to be around the predicted 1.045. I had it in primary for 26 days and decided to bottle on Sunday. I admit a rookie mistake expecting...