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  1. BryggAnton

    Conditioning in keg vs the fermentor

    Hi folks! Scroll to the bottom for the actual question. I'm planning on conditioning my extract high ABV stout. I believe i will gett 1000 different answers, but what's the basics? The brew has already been fermenting for 9 days to kind of the FG i was counting for. ABV 9.06%. It have been...
  2. Mickey Lane

    Time to bottle really high ABV Tripel

    I did a clone of Delirium Tremins and so far, it's worked perfectly. I tasted it when I racked it 5-6 weeks ago and it's good. The ferment stalled in the 1st fermenter at about ABV 10.5-11.5% and started again after being in the 2nd fermenter. It's been slow and steady up until a short while...
  3. D

    Duplicating “Serious Scrump”

    Hello all! New to the forum, new to the home brew game. I have a baseline understanding of this basics of fermentation, but that’s about it. I have brewed a few beers and had success. I decided I wanted to try and duplicate a cider, which I know know will be far more difficult than my...
  4. Mickey Lane

    Additional yeast to finish high ABV batch?

    Need advice on adding a little yeast to finish the ferment and to bottle condition. Yes? No? What kind? I made a 5 gal batch using a recipe from the local supply house for a Delirium Tremens clone. It was mostly DME with a couple of grains to season. They were out of their preferred yeasts so...
  5. T

    Cinnamon in a 20.5% RIS

    Hey guys, Just wondering if I really need to soak the cinnamon sticks in alcohol before throwing it into secondary since the ABV is so high as it is. I don't really think I do but wanted to get on here and ask just to make sure. Also, from what I've read, I should let them sit in secondary for...
  6. N

    20% ABV Target Brew

    Hello. This is a repost of my first ever thread #8184095 The project: I'm going to try and brew the highest ABV sour I possibly can. The goal is a final yield of 20% ABV fruited sour beer, or at least as high ABV I can achieve. I've put a good bit of thought into the recipe and the process...
  7. WollenBrew

    Imperial Stout Blowout Question

    Brewed Northernbrewer's Imperial Stout on Monday night. Woke up this morning and went to take a look and unbelievably, the blow-off tube had... blown off. Fortunately, not a huge mess, just kind of a slow foamy volcano kind of thing coming out of the top and running down the sides. However, this...