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  1. N

    Complete system Braumeister, fermenters, kegerator, NYC/Hoboken 07310, everything must go, pick up or local delivery only.

    Former pro brewer selling compact professional homebrew setup. Items may be purchased individually, best deal for complete system. Local delivery or pick up. Prices as below, obo, payment in cash/venmo/paypal. Asking $3,000 all in or best offer, prices as individual items below: Braumeister...
  2. A

    For Sale Complete HERMS 3-Tier with Tippy-Dump

    Well it's time for me to part with this system. Making room for other hobbies. This is a complete brew rig. It's a two-tier 10 gal system with the following features; tippy dump MT with sparge manifold arm and false bottom screen, keg HLT (temp controlled) with three way valve which is...
  3. D

    HERMS system for 2bbl brewery

    Hi guys. I'm building my 2bbl brewery. I need the opinion from more experienced brewers. Does HERMS coil makes sense for 2bbl brewery?
  4. J

    Between Brews: DIY HLT and Heat Exchanger

    I have been using a combo HLT/heat exchanger since I added HERMS (Heat Exchanger Recirculating Mash System) to my original gravity feed brew rig. A friend had an old keg and wanted something just like mine so I offered to do the conversion for him, essentially duplicating my original build. I...
  5. F

    RIMS or HERMS: Understanding Mashing Equipment

    If you’re looking for ways to maintain better consistency across your recipes every time you brew, you’ll want to look at consistency in your mash rests. Basic rests being Acid (95°F – 113°F), Protein (113°F – 138°F), and Saccharification (beta-amylase 131°F – 150°F, alpha-amylase 150°F – 160°F)...
  6. P

    Growing Out of BIAB: Reasons to Consider An MLT

    Moving from extract brewing to all-grain can be like earning a badge of honor in home brewing. Many who started extract brewing have never seen the need to expand into more complicated or exacting recipes, nor have needed that jump to be fair, as many award winning brews are extract-based (or at...
  7. J

    Budget HERMS System - Part Two

    Initial considerations First, I strongly suggest that if you haven’t read Part One of this series, it might be a good idea to do so. In that segment, I discussed my reasons for using the approach described here. This portion is more of a hands-on, procedural description of how to achieve that...
  8. J

    Budget Herms System - Part One

    Mash recirculation is a popular technique. Most of the new integrated single-vessel packages (Grainfather, etc.) include the feature. A growing number of home brewers today incorporate mash recirculation in their BIAB or multiple vessel rigs, frequently adding temperature control through either...
  9. P

    Moving from Gas to Electric Brewing

    Brewing with Natural Gas, Propane, then Electric This article covers the variety of systems that I have used for homebrewing beer over the last 5 years. Brewing first in my kitchen on the stove-top using natural gas, then out to the garage using propane and then lastly going back inside and down...
  10. C

    Uanitus - Two Tier Single Pump Half Barrel System Build

    Below is a brew stand I designed. I call it, "Uanitus". The reason for this name is partly due to my belief in home brewing and partly on how it came together. Well that, and it sounds good. My belief, or mission statement, for my dream brewing company is, "To create lasting memories through the...
  11. G

    DIY add on for HERMS Brewing Rig

    Here's a tale of wort aeration/oxygenation and HERMS build for you. I first started brewing beer using canned syrup in tin cans. It seemed to me that every beer made tasted like metal. So I decided to read and read some more on the subject. I tried all grain mash on my kitchen stove and loved...
  12. E

    Homemade HERMS with Bottom Drain MLT

    Like many of the homebrewers I know, I started my own adventure in homebrewing with a single brew pot making extract brews on the stovetop. After the success of my first batch of "Multigrain Red", I was hooked. More than eight years, and hundreds of gallons later, I can't imagine many hobbies...
  13. diS

    HERMS Brew Station

    At the moment I decided to build HERMS I got two kegs and plastic bucket. I decided to use bucket for HLT only temporary, but with time it turned out as cheap and functional solution, it is made from HDPE(High-density polyethylene) which can withstand higher temperatures (120 C/ 248 F for short...
  14. diS

    HERMS Brew Station

    At the moment I decided to build HERMS I got two kegs and plastic bucket. I decided to use bucket for HLT only temporary, but with time it turned out as cheap and functional solution, it is made from HDPE(High-density polyethylene) which can withstand higher temperatures (120 C/ 248 F for short...
  15. 225

    225's Electric HERMS 20 Gallon Brewery.

    Hey guys, I'm putting together a 20 gallon kettle setup for brewing 10/12 gallon batches. I've made a spreadsheet on Google sheets if you wanna keep up with the parts list / cost. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1PgY4AxLoka5on1cfKPgtxqW5LohVQy8mQoAXWAEokGQ/edit?usp=sharing The brewery...
  16. HockeyBoy29

    Using the HLT HERMS to chill the wort

    I find very few examples of people using their HERMS coil as a chiller, except when it is detached and being used as an immersion chiller. Here's what I plan to do in my single tier, three vessel Electric HERMS build: Recirculate the mash between the MLT and the HERMS-equipped HLT like normal...
  17. mtbr_brewer

    Nebraska Polished e-Keggles (NEED TO SELL) - Free Shipping to IA, IL, NE, MN, ND, SD, & WI

    Hey All, Well these have been sitting in my basement for too long. I have two polished e-keggles I am looking to sell that were originally part of my e-HERMS. Only selling as I upgraded to Spike kettles. Both of these would be fantastic options for e-BIAB or two vessel system with the...
  18. S

    Need a little advice on how to wire up controller

    I am thinking of making the switch to electric brewing and building my own brew controller based on this guy's build here: https://skrilnetz.net/how-to-build-a-brewing-control-panel-herms-240v-30-amp/ I have all of the components in my cart ready to buy and have started thinking of how I am...
  19. ooob44

    New BruControl Automated Home Brewery

    Background Several years ago I built a Kal-clone HERMS system following his design pretty closely. It has worked fairly well but I think I'm ready for the next step to streamline brewday even more. One of my frustrations is having to re-arrange tubes several times through the course of the...
  20. brucebeernut

    Texas Micro-HERMS / Fermenting / Keezer

    Micro-HERMS / Fermenting / Keezer $1,200 FOR EVERYTHING Brewing 1 16Gal Stainless Brew Kettle - Bayou Classic 1316 Tri-Ply Stockpot w/lid $ 95.00 Bottom port w/3-piece Stainless Ball Valve - Silver Soldered, 1/2in Male NPT...