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  1. flyerwire

    For Sale 20G Spike+ TC w/ 2 CF15s, Glycol Chiller, Accessories - Philly Area - $3500 OBO

    Moving and unfortunately need to downsize my system. Looking to sell my 20G Spike+ system that has served me well over the years. Purchased in April of 2020, about 50 brews on it over the last few years. Would prefer to sell it turnkey, all included - Spike 3 vessel 20G system with a double...
  2. SimplyBeginning

    For Sale 20-gallon Spike+ Electric Brew System (HERMS)

    20-gallon 3-vessel HERMS system used as our brewery pilot system. Owned for about 5 years, but only used a few times a year and has just sat in storage for the past year or so, as we're doing all of our pilot batches on our 3-bbl system now. Still in great shape, though a bit dusty. Uses a...
  3. R

    For Sale $2000 - Ss Brewtech 10 gallon electric HERMS homebrew system (SoCal)

    Full hot side electric brew system for sale. Everything purchased together -$2000 Prices listed below if interested in buying items individually. What’s included: Ss Brewtech eController 2V $800 (2) 10 gal Ss eKettles - 1 for HLT with HERMS coil - 1 for boil kettle w/ whirlpool and hop...
  4. pat_carnig

    For Sale Complete E-Herms 3 Vessel setup w/control panel (Twin Cities, MN). Everything you need to brew!

    I am selling a complete E-HERMS home brewery setup, all tri-clamp connections. Sink, table and Exhaust Fan/Hood not included. Electric Brewing Supply fully electric 30A PID control panel with 2 5500LWD heating elements and 3 temperature probes. 3 15 gallon kettles with fully custom welded...
  5. S

    Texas For Sale: 15 Gallon 3 Vessel Pilot System

    Brewha 15 gallon HLT, Tun, and Kettle. This is a well tuned setup. HERMS Coil for HLT High or low screen for Tun allows for direct fire (via element) in Tun Kettle is double wall w/ fluid channel to allow for no contact chill during whirlpool March Pumps All Cam Lock $2250 for kettles and...
  6. RyanVanWoerkom

    For Sale 15 Gallon HERMS Brew System (used once, moving and have to sell) & Kegerator!

    $3333 for the 15 gallon HERMS brew system & $900 for kegerator. Or $4,000 for everything. Extremely clean 15 gallon system, HLT has gallon marks, 2 brand new chugger pumps, Blichmann wort chiller, 2 HEAVY duty burners with propane hookups, two 5 gallon kegs, 2 fermenters with airlocks, all...
  7. C

    For Sale Complete 10 Gallon Batch HERMS Electric Brewing System, Keezer & Misc Items - Bethel, CT

    **Updated as equipment is sold - check post replies for updates** The original post has been broken up since equipment has been sold off in groups and pieces. Current list below as of 4/13/23: Boil Kettle 15 gallon electric boil kettle with hop stopper stainless mesh hop/trub filter. 15 gal...
  8. J

    Sold SS Brewtech 14g Unitank with FTSs heating and cooling

    I have a 14 gallon SS Brewtech Unitank with the FTSs heating and cooling package. It’s in great shape, getting rid of some things due to health issues. Got to cut back on brewing and drinking. $1000 firm. I’m in the Northwest Georgia/Chattanooga Tennessee area. Local pick up only. Ps. I also...
  9. MikeSkril

    How to build a Brewing Control Panel - HERMS

    Check out my control panel project. Detailed build instructions can be found on my webpage. I'm happy to answer any questions. E-HERMS Brewery Build
  10. M

    For Sale 20 Gallon Blichmann HERMS Kettles (Worcester, MA)

    Brew Kettle 20 Gallon Blichmann Generation 1 with Camlock Type F outlet connection 6500 watt ripple heating element with NEMA L6-30 250V/30A plug, SJOOW 10AWG cable M14x1.5 temperature probe with weather-proof boot Whirpool arm with ball valve and camlock type F connection Asking $300 Mash Tun...
  11. 241

    For Sale Gas HERMS HLT, Blichmann Stuff, Pump

    Hello, up for sale are several items that I have kept as my spare brewing setup. I am re-configuring some things, paying off repiping my house and am limited on space so I need to get these things out of my garage. Everything was stored cleanly, covered in my garage when not in use and owned by...
  12. X

    HERMS, Decoction...and Rice Hulls

    I bought a Blichmann ProPilot 10 gallon electric HERMS system last summer and have been working my way through many of my favorite recipes since then. Big adjustments on the efficiency calculations, but had that down after two brews. I'm about to brew a Trappist Single recipe on it for the first...
  13. jlash630

    Illinois 3 vessel E HERMS Keggles for sale

    $400 I have 3 keggles for sale, (boil kettle, hot liquor tank, & mash tun). These Keggles all have 1/2" ball valves with quick connects (not cam locks). The BK & HLT have 5.5kW elements with junction boxes and cord/twist lock plugs.l, MT comes with false bottom. Located near...
  14. jlash630

    Illinois Electric Brewing Supply 30A BCS control box

    I have an Electric Brewing Supply 30 amp BCS control box for sale. You can run fully automated brew house with this. It's currently set up for 3 RTDs, two elements, and two pumps. It comes with a match pump, the power cord, and 3 RTDs extension wires. I'm in northern illinois, can ship on...
  15. R

    For Sale Complete HERMS Brewing System

    Selling a complete HERMS electric home brewing system. Included are 30amp electric brew supply control panel, 20 gal SS Brewtech brew Kettle, 20gal SS Brewtech HLT, 15gal SS Brewtech Mash-tun, stainless brew stand, (3) 15amp brew pumps, 7 & 14gal SS Brewtech chronical fermenters, upright...
  16. gallons-walters

    For Sale Downsized to new system - Electric 20 gallon HERMS systems available

    We moved and downsized, so I no longer have a dedicated brewing room. While still brewing, went the route of a little more portable all-in-one system. Thus, the following system is for sale. Electric HERMS system with 20 gallon Bru Gear pots with TC-clamps / connections and site guides on the...
  17. farmskis

    Georgia $500 Electric Brewery HERMS, Fermentation, Kegs, Carboys etc.

    I am downsizing my house and just no room or time for this hobby so I am selling my brewing equipment. I built it from the ground up by referencing the “electric brewery site”. I do not have pictures as it is in storage from moving. It is in excellent shape. Includes: 3 ss kettles- not sure on...
  18. tidesmatt

    In MA: 20 Amp PID Controlled Electric Brewing Panel w/Extras Available - $450

    For sale is a custom built 20 Amp PID controlled electric brewing panel setup based on Ebrewsupply.com Deluxe DIN mounted panel build. The panel includes an SSR PID temperature control from Auber Instrument (SYL-2352) as well as a timer for beer brewing with multi-event programming (JSL 73B)...
  19. SmokeyRydr

    Tired of HERMS, considering RIMS

    I'm not real happy with my HERMS process flow and considering switching to RIMS. I'd like your advice. Rig: I've got a good 3-vessle set of Keggles & dual pumps. my HLT has a HERMS coil installed and a 120v electric heater w/ PID control. I run the boil kettle with a gas burner and don't run...
  20. N

    New York Automated HERMS, Pump,plate/copper chillers, carboy, flip top bottles, and much more, NYC

    Selling fully automated brewing system, everything in pristine condition. Local delivery or pick up. Prices as below, please make an offer, everything must go asap, will give you more free the more you buy, payment in cash/venmo/paypal. Braumeister v1 50L HERMS automated brew kettle, 210v...