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  1. SkoobaSteve

    Two Tier HERMS Brew Stand and Equipment for sale

    Gentlemen, The wife and I recently welcomed our first kid into the world and naturally, the rig is having to find a new home. I built this rig over the past 5 or so years. It’s a two tier HERMS with 3 keggles, a chugger pump, plate chiller and two burners all on casters. Between the HERMS...
  2. tinoespinosa69

    HERMS circulation question

    Hello I have a general question related to the use of the HERMS system. It happened to me while brewing small batches (3 gal) in my 10gal Spike HT with HERMS using less than 7 gal inside the kettle that part of the HERMS coil is not submerged and then the temp setpoint for the recirculation...
  3. F

    Blichmann Rims Rocket attachment 220v

    New, in the box, is the Electric Recirculation Heater set up for a Blichmann "Rims Rocket". "Rims Rocket" not included. The RIMS-Rocket operates with 3500 W, 240V and ultra low watt density in order to perform optimally in your RIMS system. It features a "plug and play" 12-foot long factory...
  4. Mike Kropp

    Blichmann Herms Coil Washer

    I'm installing this tomorrow but the instructions don't say where the washer goes. Inside or outside. Thanks