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  1. E

    Using Spices In Your Homebrew

    If there is one thing homebrewing enthusiasts have learned during the decade-long explosion of craft beer we’ve experienced, it’s that the Reinheitsgebot, aka the historic German Beer Purity law, is a respectable piece of the past, but that beer can be so much more than water, malt, hops, and...
  2. Albionwood

    Oats & Heather Saison

    Brewing this today. Comments welcome! Title: Leann Fraoch Brew Method: All Grain Style Name: Experimental Beer Boil Time: 15 min Batch Size: 20 liters (fermentor volume) Boil Size: 21 liters Boil Gravity: 1.051 Efficiency: 75% (brew house) FERMENTABLES: 2.25 kg - Golden Promise (38.5%) [had to...
  3. K

    Green Tea beer recipe

    Hey everyone!!! I'm new on here just wanted to say hi to everyone :D I'm pretty adventurous when it comes making to beer. I like to make beer out of things that people don't usually think of drinking.. So I was wondering if anyone has tried making green tea beer before, if so what type of...