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  1. William Wallace

    Is my cyser contaminated?

    Hello everyone, im new at home brewing and have tried my hand at cyser. I used 3lb of orange blossom honey, 1.5 liters of Treetop apple juice, D47 Lavlin yeast, and some dry yeast nurients. I am 4 weeks into fermentation and noticed this film at the top of the brew. It was rather frothy in the...
  2. D

    Need a little guidance

    I'll start by admitting I'm very new to this whole business and rushed into it without doing much research. What got me interested in this at all was some random youtube video so I'm very green when it comes to fermentation and mead making. On the 15th of Febuary I started fermenting my first...
  3. M

    Help needed over primed barrel

    I put 100g of dissolved spraymalt into my barrel but left the tap open (not brewed in 10 years so back to beginners mistakes at least I knew to do it outside). I now how 25 pints in my barrel with enough sugar for 40. If all was well it would be ready for drinking in 5 days but I gave it a...
  4. R

    Questions about all-grain using Mash and Boil

    Hello again, I'm about to acquire a Mash and Boil, and I'm pretty excited. I've never done an all-grain, only extract, and the M&B seems pretty user-friendly. After extensive reading (staying up till 3am several nights in a row), I've got some questions about achieving desired efficiency...