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  1. L

    First time process - rate my plan

    Hello I'm a first time mead brewer. I haven't started the process yet but I plan on ordering all of the equipment tonight. I'd like to share what recipe/process I plan on going with and I'd love some feedback in what you guys think. I plan on using a 6.5 gallon (siphonless big mouth bubbler...
  2. N

    Apple and Pear Cider

    I have made this pear and apple cider, it has finished fermentation is this normal to look like this? I'm new to this
  3. T

    Wilko Premium Wheat Beer Help!!

    Hello I'm just starting my brewing hobby having brewed only 2 batches (first was an American Pale Ale kit - followed the instructions religiously, the second was a St Peters stout kit which I added 500g lactose sugar and cocoa nibs). Today, I have used a Wilko Premium Wheat Beer kit (limited...
  4. U

    Rectify bread yeast mistake?

    So I recently started the process of making my first mead, it’s a cherry mead and I did a bit of research before starting. When I got to the adding yeast step I used some beer yeast that I got in a home brewing starter set, as well as yeast nutrient. I let it sit there for about four days and at...
  5. M

    Help w/ 1st 5 gallon batch of sweet hard cider

    Hello all! I have some basic mead-making gear and I was hoping to make and bottle my own sweet hard cider and I can’t seem to find any good, simple recipes/tutorials online that take me from fermenting to back-sweetening and bottling a final product. I am not super particular about how it will...
  6. FlowerOn

    1st Mead Help

    I recently transferred my first mead from the first carboy to a second one but when I tried it all you could taste was alcohol. It was really strong. It set for a month before I put it in the fridge to cold crash it. Will it mellow with age or did I mess it up? Its supposed to be a cherry mead.
  7. Shaggywolfman

    Potassium sorbate help!!

    First time brewer here. I'm making a raspberry mead. I mixed my musk and let it sit for 24 hours. Then I added my yeast. Only afterwards did I realize I also added my potassium sorbate right off the bat also. Is my musk completely ruined or is there any way to salvage this? I've been advised to...
  8. R

    Is my mead ready?

    Hi guys, I've had my mead in secondary for a few weeks now and honestly, there appears to be very little action in the bubbler and I can even read a newspaper through it. It's looking golden and delicious, absolutely great but this is my first brew and I dont want to end it prematurely before...
  9. D

    Help! Banana Wine Worries!

    Hi! So this is our first ever wine (why did we try bananas first lol) okay so I have a few questions and concerns: 1. So it’s day 5 and no bubbling from the airlock, I can hear it bubbling when I have my ear next to it. It’s 18-20 Celsius in the fermenter. 2. It smells like strong rotting...
  10. Mr_moo91x

    Need advice please (turbo cider)

    Hey guys, so i started my cider last Wednesday 4 liters of pure apple juice and added a strong cup of tea for tannin and some cider yeast. Day 2 it was bubbling a fair amount same with day 3 now nearly a week on there is no bubbling instead little bits of what I think is yeast dropping to the...
  11. D

    Looking for brewing tutor in Long Island, NY

    Hi, I'm just starting out with homebrewing. I've assembled an all-grain system consisting of an electric 65L HLT, a 65L Robobrew with pump, and a 1/2bbl SS Brewtech Unitank with heating and chilling and a glycol chiller. I would like to watch an expert brew session in person as YouTube videos...
  12. A

    Trying to make a scoby

    Hello everyone I’m Alex, an 18yo French Canadian trying to make Kombucha at home. Without having any contact with a mother scoby, I tried to make it myself from a bottle of store bought Kombucha... After one week in the first fermentation, my scoby is really thin (about 1mm or an 1/16 of an...
  13. Z

    Help with 1st mead batch

    Hey everyone so i started making my first mead batch from a mead making kit off amazon. Ive always wanted to try making it so this seemed like a good way to get started. I'm about 2 weeks in after setting it aside in a cool dark room, about 69-72F, and a friend mentioned that I should separate...
  14. Rei

    Cider/mead hybrid questions?

    So I started a mead batch about a month ago where I replaced one gallon of spring water with a gallon of unfiltered honeycrisp apple cider and I chopped up a few apples and grapes and threw them in there whole too! The bubbling has slowed and I think it’ll be ready to jar (I’ve always used...
  15. LTBradley

    Strawberry Ginger Saison

    Greetings! I've been researching recipes and guides for a strawberry saison I'm looking to brew for a competition in 2020. I'm very much still in the planning stage right now, but I'd like some ideas about using ginger and honey with this recipe. Currently, I'm working off a recipe that I found...
  16. J

    Please help first Newbie

    I am working on my first brew. Its the brewers best american cream ale. Following the instructions to a T, it calls for 4 to 6 day fermentation. Today marks day six where I checked the gravity which seems a little low and the taste of the beer was very harsh and bitter. Any ideas on what I may...