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  1. D

    whats in my wine?

    This was a batch of strawberry wine that i made. it had a funky smell and sour funky taste and after several weeks in the bottle whatever this is developed. i wasnt as sanitary as i should have been so next time (pineapple) i was super careful but it seems to be the same. does anyone know what...
  2. M

    Infected beer?

    I’ve tried to look and see if this looks like an infection, but nothing really looks similar to me. The beer is about 3 weeks in, but whatever that is was there after the Krausen
  3. fjpko

    I just made my second batch of Pale Ale. I noticed some transparent clouds floating around but not sure if its an infection or normal?

    Here is an image of what i am talking about and a video too. Here is a video too I
  4. H

    Possible infection?

    Hi there i brewed a lager 2 days ago, chilled it overnight (didn’t have time to cool it immediately). I pitched yesterday around mid day and I’m not sure but I might have an infected fermentation, can somebody see if that might be the case? Never had an infection before so I’m pretty worried...
  5. AbeLogan

    Is this batch ruined?

    I'm using extract from my local homebrew shop to make my own concoctions using a Mr Beer little brown keg. (I know, I know, but I live in a one-bedroom apartment and don't have room for any real equipment). I've made hundreds of batches and seen a lot of weird-looking fermentations, but never...