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  1. A

    Brew & A: Jessica "Hello" B.

    Do you remember the moment you decided to brew? Do you think back on it fondly with the sort of emotion typically reserved for holidays from your youth, or time and events shared with your loved ones? One of the greatest things I've learned from Brew & A over the past year is not only how...
  2. Gary Wolstenholme

    Hello from Sheffield, UK

    I thought I'd say hello! I signed up after pretty much every Google search I made for info ended up here. Homebrew is a new hobby (i don't like the word hobby, but can't think of an alternative!) for me. I worked as a freelance photographer for over a decade until about five years ago, when I...
  3. major.noms

    Greetings from Nashville!

    Greeting! Homebrewer from Nashville, with about 4 years under his belt now (my first post here was embarrassingly about cold crashing. When I wrote that, I had no idea what that was though). Looking forward to chatting and getting some great info out and receiving it as well!
  4. thisissami

    Hello from Vancouver, Canada :)

    I used to brew beer 7-8 years ago in university. :) Now I'm back into making my own alcohol, but this time in the form of cider!! I just started my first batch of cider ever last night, and am going to explore all kinds of fruit ciders/wines in the coming while. :D I also do believe I screwed...
  5. TrubDude

    Hello from Hampton NH

    Hi, I'm a new member and have been brewing for about 5 months. My first batch was a stout where I over sanitized everything, but it still came out well. Next batches were wheat ale and a Peaky Blinder black IPA clone. Everything has come out well but has a slight burned taste or something else I...