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  1. whatstyleguidelines

    Lots of Munich/Vienna vs a little Aromatic/Melanoidin/Dark Munich

    I've noticed that recipes for "off-pale" to light amber (generally pilsner-malt based) beers often boost malty flavors in one of two ways: 1) a reasonable portion of Vienna, Munich, or even Pale Ale malt, in the 10-20% range (like using some Munich in a helles, or 2) a very small proportion of a...
  2. G

    My German Pils tastes like a Helles

    I just brewed a German pils (prima pils clone). Pulled my first pint tonight and it tastes more like a Helles. there is almost no noticeable bitterness despite near 40 calculated ibis via beersmith (tinesth) I used dry yellow as my target water profile and it projected a bitter beer. final...
  3. SethTheGreat

    Innis & Gunn (Scottish) Lager Clone

    If you've never tried this Scottish Lager, you're missing out. I was told that I pretty much nailed it on my first attempt by a friend who is currently going to school in Cardiff and brought a few bottles of the real stuff back with him last summer. It may not be exact, but it hits all the same...
  4. devils4ever

    First Lager Recipe--Critiques Wanted on Recipe and Techniques

    Having vast experience (decades) with brewing all-grain ales, I've finally decided to do a lager for the first time. In fact, I want to brew 2 lagers on the same day since it saves me time. So, I decided upon a Munich Helles and German Pilsner. Here's the recipes. Munich Helles 10 lbs German...