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  1. Turtletank

    Hefeweizen over carbed?

    Just bottled 5 gallons of hefeweizen and i opened one 24 hours later and it's looking like i over carbed it. I put in 3.2 volumes of CO2 which equaled 12 tbsp. I didnt have a problem last time with the same amount. Maybe it didnt finish fermenting? It ended in 1.01 started at 1.044. Can i fix...
  2. B

    To discard or not discard_that is the question

    Hi, I was interested to know about the community's thoughts. I have recently made another batch of Hefeweissen (my favourite beer), but I am still finding that I am tweaking the processes every time I am making in order to make a better and better tasting beer. Never could get the same as the...
  3. seatazzz

    Possibly a silly question, but...

    So I brewed a hefeweizen last weekend, using Imperial Stefon yeast. Tested it today, and it's done; of course still a ton of yeast in suspension. I don't expect the full krausen to fall unless I crash it. So here's the silly question; hefeweizens traditionally have a lot of yeast in...
  4. T

    Question regarding my Hefeweizen recipe. Kegged too early?

    Hi, I have a simple question regarding the method I followed to brew this hefeweizen. I brewed a simple 50/50 (pilsner malt/wheat malt) hefeweizen about a week ago, O.G. was 1.050, right where I wanted it. Fermentation took place in fridge with temperature control (thermometer on bucket) using...
  5. D

    Question about yeast activity

    Hello, good day. First timer here with brewing and in the forum. I'm making a hefeweizen beer which has been fermenting for 16 days. I'm fermenting 10 liters (2.5g) in a plastic 20l (5g) carboy. I know it's not the best, but it's what i had at hand. So far the beer looks fine and through the...
  6. T

    Wheat extract funk?

    Has anyone tried wheat beers and gotten a bad result? I’ve done 3 this year, and these have been my worst 1-2-3 out of 20 batches or so. They all have a slight funky aftertaste... not sure how to describe it... a cloying tart caramel aftertaste maybe? My gf will drink them, but all I can...
  7. BrewersJourney

    Homebrewing an OBK Hefeweizen

    Link: Homebrewing an OBK Hefeweizen Even though it’s not quite the fall just yet, I was in the mood to have a nice easily drinkable wheat beer at the ready and so I brewed up a Hefeweizen based on a recipe from Ontario Beer Kegs.
  8. H

    Adding Ingredients & Fruit to a Wheat

    I’m looking to brew a wheat / Hefe Style & want to add spices or fruit. I’ve done orange peel & coriander. I’m thinking about banana & vanilla. I’ve never attempted the secondary fermentation. Does anyone have any tips or fun recipes to share?? Maybe even something completely different like...
  9. Morris Coleman

    Priming Corny Kegs?

    I'm brewing a Hefe soon and am new to kegging. I just completed a three tap keezer and currently have two brews in the Keezer and one keg for carbonated water. After primary can I simply prime in the keg as if I were bottling and store it, then just put the keg in the keezer to cool when space...
  10. leskohomebrews

    Adding orange peel to hefeweizen

    I like the idea of adding orange peel to my hefeweizen, but how and when is the best way?
  11. Nate R

    Making a traditional Germnan hefeweizen with pilsner malt instead of 2-row

    Hey all. Not sure if this is the best place for this thread, but i have been really enjoying making hefeweizens lately. I want to try a batch but use pilsner instead of 2-row. Anybody done this before? Any reason why it would or would not work? I was thinking it would lend a little different...
  12. cactusgarrett

    "Dark Malt" in Bavarian Weisse (NOT a dunkel)?

    I'm curious about a reference to the use of "dark malt" in a traditional weissebier that's NOT a dunkels. In Hieronymus' "Brewing with Wheat", page 95 includes info from Josef Schneider as it pertains to the brewing of Schneider Weisse: "His Weizenbier includes 60% wheat malt... 12% dark...
  13. jm2k

    Preparing for Oktoberfest

    Pretty new to brewing, have only done a few IPAs until now and I'd like to do a back-to-back brew starting this weekend for an Oktoberfest party. I'm thinking a Hefeweizen and a Dunkweizen to suit a range of tastes, so I ordered some ingredients from my LHBS. Based on what I've ordered, my...
  14. K

    Request for Help - Wizards Wheat - Homebrew Heaven (RIP)

    All, Ive looked online and tried to recreate one of my favorite extract kits from Homebrew Heaven which has closed. All attempts to recreate it have failed. They are good but just a little off from the original. Does anyone have a clone or an original recipe for the hefeweizen recipe from...
  15. Schlenkerla

    Weissbier Schneider & Sohn Original German Hefe Weizen Ale

    Hans-Peter Drexler's Recipe for Authentic Weissbier - Masterbrewer for Scheider & Sohn. Lifted from Secrets of Master Brewers. By Jeff Alworth The Book - Google Search Grain Bill 5.33 lbs of German or French Wheat Malt 3.5 lbs of German Pilsner Malt Step Mash Mash in at: 95F for 10...
  16. so_called_andrew

    Imperial Hefeweizen (lacto+coconut+kaffir leafes)

    INGREDIENTS(~2.6 gallon batch) -Viking Malt pilsner malt (6.22lb) -Viking Malt wheat malt (8.91lb) -Viking Malt Karmel 50 (0.882lb) -Flaked Oats (1.79lb) YEAST -WB-06 (culture that I keep for about 6 months; used in approx. 4-5 batches)(starter ~100ml) MISC -lactose (17.63oz) -coconut...
  17. G

    Wheat beer, preserving banana flavour

    Hello All, My wheat beers lose the banana flavour after a few months, can anyone suggest any measures to preserve it for longer? I'm going to try storing colder but would be interested in any preservatives I could add or any other tips or tricks. I do bottle condition so nothing that will kill...
  18. HomeBrewMasterRace

    New Project - Honey Mango Hefeweizen

    Hi All, I'm working on a new beer recipe and was interested to see what you all think. It's currently fermenting so it's going to be more of an explanation so we'll see how this goes. I started out with 7.5 lbs of American Wheat (american because i started making it on the 4th) 3 lbs of...
  19. HomeBrewMasterRace

    All grain hefeweizwn- yeast question

    Hi everyone, I'm currently fermentating an all grain hefeweizen that's 5 lb wheat, 2 lb Munich malt and 4 lbs pilsner. I wanted to ask a question about my yeast as it's the WLP 300. Original gravity was 1.052 I currently have my 5lb fermentater in a swamp cooler and the temps are 62, I know...
  20. Esben

    Beer frozen... Help!

    Unfortunately my homebuilt temperature controlled fermentation freezer went haywire and froze my Hefe Weizen in the making. Primary fermentation was done (one week in, no more bubbles). Should I repitch or will any yeast (wlp300) have survived at all? Help :(